Full Body Yoga Flow

Get your whole body moving with this flowing yoga asana class. Relax your tight muscles and breathe deeply.

Calming Yoga

This gentle and restorative yoga class will help to bring you a sense of calm. It utilizes a wall for maximum comfort and ease in several of the postures. Find the quiet within, take deep breaths, relax, and enjoy. Cat/ Cow, legs up the wall, yoga twists, shoulder stretch, hip stretch, hatha yoga, restorative yoga, gentle yoga, yoga on the wall, yoga for beginners, yoga class

Yoga for Energy

Need a burst of energy? This video is for you! It's a quick 15 minute yoga flow designed to increase energy and put some pep in your step. Try this class and conquer your day. This sequence will get your whole body moving with flows, heart openers, and time to settle a busy mind. Start your day with this yoga class and enjoy the energy it brings you.

Breathing for Stress Relief

This yogic breath technique has the benefit of stress reduction. It is called square breath, box breath, or samavritti pranayama. Give this practice a try and notice changes that occur as a result. Pranayama is an important part of a yoga practice. This breath can help to calm the autonomic nervous system and reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety. This practice includes inhales, exhales, and breath holding of equal lengths. Note: Keep your breathing smooth and comfortable. You can always return to a natural breathing pattern at any time.

Yoga Flow

Move your body and breathe deeply with this all levels yoga flow. A combination of movement and holding poses will have you feeling great!!! Work on strength, flexibility, and balance- Let's go!!! Yoga with Amanda.

Yoga for Stress Relief

Yoga for Stress Relief- Yoga with Amanda. Stressed out or tense? Try this yoga class to help you relax, and feel calm. This relaxing class is for all levels.

Relax and Renew with Yoga

Relax and feel renewed with this slow paced restorative yoga class for all levels. We will use props in this class to make the postures extra comfortable. Yoga with Amanda.- www.vediclotusyoga.com

Chair Yoga with Amanda

Yoga class that utilizes a chair. Perfect for those who sit throughout the day. Also great for those who have difficulty getting on and off the floor.

Move your body- Yoga with Amanda

You guys have been telling me that you want to keep moving your bodies.... Let's go!!!🙏🙌🧡