Why Do Yoga Teacher Training with Vedic Lotus Yoga?

Have you been thinking about doing a Yoga Teacher Training Course?  Whether you want to be a teacher or simply wish to deepen your own practice, there is so much to be gained when you choose to complete a Yoga Teacher Training with Vedic Lotus Yoga. If you’re ready to step into something extraordinary, here are five reasons that this training is for you.


1. You Want to Deepen Your Practice and Understanding of Yoga

A Yoga Teacher Training with Vedic Lotus Yoga goes much farther than just practicing poses.  You will get the opportunity to learn about Anatomy as it relates to the yogic practice, the history and philosophy of yoga (from ancient to modern), Ayurveda, breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation, and much, much more.  At Vedic Lotus Yoga we believe in teaching yoga to students in a traditional manner while meeting the modern needs of  todays practitioners.  Of course, you’ll also get plenty of time on your mat to refine your skills and explore what you’ve learned.  🙂

2. You’re Ready for a Change

You may have already heard that Yoga Training ignites positive changes in students.  In our training, positive change and confidence abounds as you engage in self- study, discover your strength, open your mind, and truly take ownership of your life.  Learn to see the world with fresh eyes and develop the skills that you need to be your best and most authentic self.

3. You Enjoy Helping Others

In YTT, you’ll learn skills that empower you to help others in a meaningful way.   Learning how to hold space for others is the foundation to supporting those around you. You’ll soon be expertly guiding students to turn inward, find proper alignment, and honor their truth.  By exploring these skills in your own practice, you also gain the insight necessary to be a light for others who wish to follow this path.  It is a wonderful feeling to see others find peace of mind and flourish when these tools are shared in their intended form.

4. You Want More Freedom

Taking a Yoga Teacher Training with Vedic Lotus Yoga can help you to create your own flexible working schedule.  As a yoga teacher, you can have the flexibility to create and teach classes when it works for you and your life.  One of the most wonderful aspects of being a yoga teacher is that you’re able to do fulfilling work while keeping yourself grounded and balanced.

5. You’re Interested in Making Lifelong Friends and Building Community

Get ready to connect with lifelong friends!  When you’re in YTT you are surrounded with people who love yoga.  Not only are you around other like-minded yogis but everyone is in an environment that is conducive to growth and support of one another.  Your fellow trainees will quickly become your biggest fans and the people who cheer on your successes.  The Teacher Training journey binds you together in an indescribable way that transcends far beyond the classroom walls.  Upon graduation, you’ll enter the wider yoga community together in unity with newfound perspective and a gracious heart.  It is truly a gift to find “your people”.


Yoga Teacher Training will encourage you to grow, find peace, live more fully, and create balance in your life.  In addition, it will also give you the skills and confidence that you need to safely and effectively work with others who wish to incorporate this beautiful practice into their own lives.  Are you ready for YTT?  Check out our upcoming trainings and join in the fun!


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