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Yoga for Bone Health


YOGA FOR BONE HEALTH Increasing bone density and maintaining it is a large concern for many.  Could a yoga practice help?  Several small research studies seem to indicate that it might. Some people believe that bones are hard and lifeless, but they are actually living and growing tissue. The body continually absorbs old bone tissue and generates new bone to maintain its density, strength, and structural integrity.  Bone density peaks in the late 20s, and it starts to weaken around 35 years of age.  As a person grows older, bone begins to break down faster than it rebuilds.  When the body [...]

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Yoga for Glowing Skin


YOGA FOR GLOWING SKIN   Do you ever see seasoned yoga practitioners and wonder where they get that extra little sparkle?  Just how do they achieve the inner glow that seems to radiate out of every pore- regardless of age?  Is there some miraculous patchouli infused cream being secretly peddled in the back rooms of yoga studios? Well, I’m here to spill the tea.  There is no secret cream that the yoga community is hiding from you.  It’s just a natural by-product of the yogic lifestyle.  One thing that binds all practitioners of Yoga is the quest for union.  Along the [...]

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